Paracetamol oral liquid (Pamol) 250 mg per 5 ml: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Due to high demand, stock of Pamol 250 mg per 5 ml oral liquid paracetamol (Pharmacode 2643650) has limited supply.

1 September 2023

A shipment arrived 31 August - it will take time for stock to move through the supply chain to pharmacies. There is stock available. 

Demand continues to be unusually high. We are monitoring the situation with the supplier. 

Affected product

Due to unusually high demand, there is an issue affecting supplies of Pamol oral liquid paracetamol (pharmacode 2643650). 

Schedule listing for Pamol(external link)

All listed strengths are on allocation

Until the next shipment arrives, wholesalers are managing distribution of all strengths very closely, to ensure equitable distribution.

Multichem, the supplier of Ethics oral liq 120 mg per 5 ml (Pharmacode 2650665), has noticed an increase in demand for their product. Please use Ethics brand to meet the demand for the 120 mg presentation only.  Multichem does not have enough stock to supply the 250 mg market.

Alternative product

Noumed's Avallon brand 120 mg per 5 ml oral liquid (2643138) is making its way through the supply chain. There are limited supplies.

Schedule listing for Avallon(external link)

We note that it is a lower strength than the out of stock product. (external link)Talk to your pharmacist about the right dose for your child. Or you can use the dosage calculator(external link) on Healthify to work out how much paracetamol to give.

Expected resupply 

Demand has remained unusally high. As such supply is expected to remain tight. 

Pharmac continues to monitor stock levels closely. We are working with Aspen to manage fair distribution of Pamol.

Who to contact

Pharmacists, please contact your wholesaler to discuss needs.

If you have questions about this issue, email

Please include as much information as you can about the product (presentation, brand, pharmacode) and who your wholesaler is.  

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