Palbociclib (Ibrance): New presentation

New look Active

Pfizer are changing their palbociclib capsules to tablets from October 2021.

The tablets work the same as the capsules

What stays the same:

  • the active ingredient
  • available dosage strengths (125 mg, 100 mg and 75 mg)
  • dosing schedule.

What’s changed:

  • can be taken without food
  • comes in a weekly blister pack to help you track treatment cycles
  • contains no lactose (dairy) or gelatine.
Orange red capsules of different strengths.
Current capsules (not shown actual size)
tablets of different colours and sizes to indicate different strengths.
New tablets (not shown actual size)

Prescribers: What you need to know

The palbociclib capsules (Ibrance) are changing to a tablet. They will start coming into the market from October 2021.

There is no change to the active ingredient of palbociclib, Ibrance. The dosing remains once daily, with available doses of 125 mg, 100 mg and 75 mg. The tablets continue to follow the treatment schedule of 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

Monitoring requirements for palbociclib tablets will remain the same.

Pfizer, the supplier, has contacted health professionals with further guidance and patient collateral.

Medsafe Datasheet for Ibrance (capsules and tablets) [PDF](external link)

Pharmacists: What you need to know

The tablets will be listed in the Schedule from 1 October 2021. The Pharmacodes will be:

  • Palbociclib Tabs 75mg – 2611635
  • Palbociclib Tabs 100mg – 2611643
  • Palbociclib Tabs 125mg – 2611651

We will delist the capsules in the future. This allows time for any stock in the supply chain to be used up.

Check the Schedule Online listing(external link)

Who to contact

If you take pablociclib, talk to your trusted health care professional. They know you and your clinical circumstances best.

For medical enquiries, call the Pfizer Medical Information team on 0800 736 363.

For funding questions, email