Levlen brand change to Oralcon

Your oral contraceptive is changing brand.

Oralcon 30 ED is the new brand

The Levlen ED brand of oral contraceptive has been replaced by Oralcon 30 ED. 

What's changed

The Oralcon pills are a different colour. The active pills are white and in the inactive ("sugar") pills are yellow. All pills are the same size, unlike Levlen.

Feature Oralcon 30 ED (new brand) Levlen ED (previous brand)
Colour of active pills White Yellow
Colour of inactive (sugar) pills Yellow White
Size of pills All 5 mm Active: 6 mm
Inactive: 7 mm

Oralcon works the same

Oralcon 30 ED has the same active ingredients in the same amount as Levlen ED. They work in your body the same way. You can start taking Oralcon straight away after your last Levlen pill. Make sure you start on the right day in the orange-coloured part of the month. 

Levlen blister pack, starting week has a green block, tan coloured active pills and larger white inactive pills. Oralcon blister pack starting week is orange, active pills are white, inactive are tan all are the same size..

Why is this happening?

Pharmac runs a regular tender process to make sure we're getting the best medicines at the best prices, while staying within the government's Combined Pharmaceutical Budget. 

Pharmac uses the tender process to reduce the price of already funded medicines. This frees up the government's medicine budget to fund more medicines for more people.

About the annual tender process

Who to contact

If you take Levlen or Oralcon, talk to your pharmacist or a health professional you trust about any questions you have.

If you have questions about the funding of this or other medicines, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz