Oral contraceptives: Supply updates

This page provides links to previous supply issues relating to oral contraceptives. It is not a complete summary of all oral contraceptives available. 

Check the Schedule for all currently funded oral contraceptives(external link)

NZ Formulary

The NZ Formulary now links to current medicine notices. 

Combined oral contraceptives in the NZ Formulary(external link)

Progestogen-only contraceptives in the NZ Formulary(external link)

Note about Brevinor

Brevinor 28 and Brevinor 1/28 are different medicines. They have different strengths of norethisterone (the progesteron chemical).

  • Brevinor 1/28 is a funded brand of oral contraceptive.
  • Brevinor 28 was temporarily funded as an alternative to Norimin. 
  • Brevinor 1/21 and Brevinor 21 are discontinued.