Oil in water emulsion: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Evara have advised that there will be an out of stock for oil in water emulsion (also known as O/W fatty emulsion cream, p/code 2491311).

Alternative product

There are a number of other funded emollients. People who use oil in water emulsion should talk to the person who prescribed the emollient. They know your clinical circumstances and can recommend the best alternative for you. 

We acknowledge that having to change products is inconvenient. We appreciate your patience.

All funded emollients in the Schedule(external link)

Related supply issues

There are supply issues with related products including:

cetomacrogol with glycerol

zinc and castor oil

Working with Evara (previously ADE Health)

Pharmac is working closely with Evara to reestablish supply of oil in water emulsion. We are advised that there will be a shipment arriving by September 2021.

Who to contact

If you need a new prescription, talk to the person who prescribed the oil in water emulsion.

Contact Evara on 0800 425 512 if you have any questions on accessing stock.