Octreotide long-acting brand change: Octreotide Depot Teva is the new brand

The funded brand of octreotide long-acting is changing from Sandostatin LAR to Octreotide Depot Teva.

What is octreotide long-acting?

Octreotide is a medicine used to treat a range of conditions, such as some cancers and acromegaly. It inhibits the secretion of growth hormone.

Octreotide long-acting is administered by an injection usually by a healthcare professional. Octreotide long-acting was previously called octreotide LAR.

What changed?

The funded brand of octreotide long-acting changed from Sandostatin LAR to Octreotide Depot Teva. 

Octreotide Depot Teva works the same as Sandostatin LAR

Octreotide Depot Teva is a biosimilar of Sandostatin LAR octreotide.

Learn more about biosimilars 

Medsafe, New Zealand’s medicine regulator, has approved Octreotide Depot Teva. They have confirmed that this brand works the same as Sandostatin LAR. Patients shouldn’t notice any difference in how it affects them. 

Octreotide Depot Teva:

  • works in the body in the same way as Sandostatin LAR
  • is taken as often as previous brand
  • is given in the same way as the previous brand
  • has the same 10 mg, 20 mg and 30 mg doses of octreotide long-acting prefilled syringes. 

If you take octreotide long-acting, talk with your doctor or specialist, they know you and your clinical circumstances best. 

Key transition dates

  • From 1 September 2021 Octreotide Depot Teva was fully funded. Sandostatin LAR was still funded.
  • From 1 March 2022 only Octreotide Depot Teva is fully funded. 

Health care professionals

You play an important role in supporting patients through changes to medicines. We’d like to support you as you help your patients with the brand change for octreotide long-acting. The supplier has provided this guide for people using Octreotide Depot Teva.

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Decision to widen access to long-acting octreotide for pre-operative treatment in acromegaly 1 July 2021

Who to contact

For any further information on the use of Octreotide Depot Teva contact Teva NZ:

If you have questions about funding or access criteria: