Neostigmine: Supply issue resolved

The AstraZeneca brand of neostigmine expired in September 2020.

To ensure continuity of supply, Juno (the supplier) sourced an alternative brand.

New product

This was listed in Section B of the Schedule from 1 September 2020

  • Neostigmine (Juno) Inj 2.5 mg per ml, 1 ml ampoule (Pharmacode 2593777)

This product is approved for use in Australia but has not been approved by Medsafe. You must supply it under section 29 of the Medicines Act.

Packaging differences

The Juno branded neostigmine metilsulfate product comes as glass ampoules and pack size of 10 ampoules rather than the currently listed AstraZeneca brand which is plastic ampoules and a pack size of 50 ampoules.

Who to contact

For stock and distribution questions, email 

For medical information questions, email