Morphine sulphate ampoules: Brand change

Brand change Active

The funded brand of morphine sulphate ampoules is changing from DBL Morphine Sulphate to Medsurge.

Affected product

This brand change will affect all strengths of morphine sulphate ampoules:

  • 5 mg per mL (Medsurge Pharmacode 2602431)
  • 10 mg per mL (Medsurge Pharmacode 2602458)
  • 15 mg per mL (Medsurge Pharmacode 2602466)
  • 30 mg per mL (Medsurge Pharmacode 2602474)

Medsurge’s Morphine ampoules have been approved by Medsafe. 

Morphine sulphate in the Community Schedule(external link)

Morphine sulphate in the HML(external link)

Key information for healthcare professionals

  • Packaging of the Medsurge brand will look different. Both brands of morphine ampoule use colour coding to differentiate between strengths, and the colour coding is not the same between brands.
  • The Medsurge individual ampoules will be colour coded, matching the corresponding packaging.
  • The Medsurge 15 mg per mL and 30 mg per mL ampoules have similar shades of brown colour-coding on the packaging and individual ampoules. Attention is required to ensure the correct strength is chosen for administration. 

He Ako Hiringa have developed an educational resource to support healthcare professionals with this brand change.


1 October: Medsurge brand of morphine ampoules were listed on the Schedule

December: We expect stock of DBL Morphine Sulphate to begin running out

31 March 2023: DBL morphine sulphate will be delisted. Medsurge will be the only funded brand of morphine sulphate ampoules. 

Why is this happening?

This brand change is a result of our annual tender process. 

Who to contact

If you have questions, email us on