Mesalazine tab EC 500 mg (Asamax): Discontinuation

Seqirus is discontinuing the supply of mesalazine EC 500mg tablets (Asamax p/code 2288443).

Remaining stock of mesalazine tab EC 500 mg 

We understand that the remaining stock will run out in late August or September 2021. We are delisting Asamax on 1 March 2022.

Alternative products

All other presentations of mesalazine tablets will remain available. They are unaffected by this discontinuation. 

Schedule listing for mesalazine(external link)

Find the dosing regime for each presentation on the NZ Formulary(external link)

We know that it can be inconvenient to make changes to medicines. We appreciate your patience.  

Who to contact

If you take Asamax brand mesalazine, you will need to talk to your pharmacist or the person who prescribed the medicine. They know your clinical circumstances and can advise on the best treatment for you.

If you have funding questions, email