Medtronic Luer Lock Infusion Sets: Discontinuation

The supplier is discontinuing the Luer Lock infusion sets.

Affected products

This discontinuation affects five products: 

  • Silhouette MMT-373 | Luer Lock infusion set | 17mm, 60cm (Pharmacode: 2430444)
  • Quickset MMT-392 | Luer Lock infusion set | 9mm, 60cm (Pharmacode: 2430568)
  • Quickset MMT-393 | Luer Lock infusion set | 6mm, 60cm (Pharmacode 2430576)
  • Sure-T MMT-863 | Luer Lock infusion set | 6mm, 60cm (Pharmacode: 2430622)
  • Sure-T MMT-873 | Luer Lock infusion set | 8mm, 60cm (Pharmacode: 2430665)

Schedule listings for all insulin pump consumables(external link)

All other types of insulin pump consumables remain available.

Reason for this discontinuation

These Luer Lock Infusion Sets are compatible with older Medtronic insulin pump technology which has been superseded. The old pumps are no longer supported in New Zealand. The supplier will not be able to source these infusion sets from June 2023.

Key dates

June 2023: The supplier stopped supplying these products.

1 December 2023: The products were delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule and will no longer be funded.

If you are affected by this discontinuation

If you have an older Medtronic insulin pump, talk to your health care professional. If you have a funded insulin pump, you should be able to upgrade to the newer model.

Who to contact

If you use an insulin pump, talk to a health care professional you trust.

If you are a pharmacy or wholesaler, contact Intermed(external link)