Marcain 0.25% Infusion Polybags: Supply issue resolved

Marcain 0.25% Inf 5x100ml Polybags Theatre Pack (bupivacaine hydrochloride) are back in stock following a global manufacturing issue.

Resupplied in November 2021.

Aspen supplied a 20 ml ampoule as an alternative until the Marcain 0.25% 100 ml polybag was available again.

Alternative Marcain product

  • Pharmacode: 728071
  • Presentation: Inj 2.5 mg per ml, 20 ml ampoule sterile pack
  • Pack size: 5

Affected product 

  • Pharmacode: 2077728
  • Product: Marcain 0.25% Inf 5x100ml
  • Pack size: 5 Polybags

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