Maprotiline (Ludiomil): Discontinued

The supplier of maprotiline hydrochloride tablets, AFT Pharmaceuticals, has notified PHARMAC has discontinued supply of this medicine in New Zealand.

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Maprotiline hydrochloride (brand name Ludiomil) is an antidepressant medicine used for depression and other serious mental health conditions. About 70 people in New Zealand are using maprotiline hydrochloride 25 mg and 75 mg tablets. 

When is this happening?

There will be no new stocks of maprotiline hydrochloride after the current stock expires:

  • 25 mg expires by end September 2020
  • 75 mg expires by end July 2021. 

The Ludiomil brand is the only maprotiline hydrochloride 25 mg and 75 mg tablet currently approved by Medsafe. 

Information for people taking maprotiline (Ludiomil) 

You will need to talk to your doctor or specialist about alternative medicines.

We know that changing your medicine can be disruptive. Thank you for your understanding.

Information for prescribers

Since 1 September 2020 maprotiline is no longer funded for new patients. 

Prescribers will need to:

  • ensure no new patients are started on maprotiline
  • support their patients who are currently using maprotiline to change to an alternative treatment as soon as possible. 

We know that it is not always easy to change patients onto different medicines. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this discontinuation. 

Alternative funded medicines

We have received advice from the Mental Health Subcommittee (one of our expert clinical advisory groups) that patients could be transitioned to alternative antidepressants. 

Note: There are stock issues for some other antidepressants

Further advice

BPACnz has published information on the role of medicines in the management of depression in primary care which may be useful.

Information for pharmacists

You will need to tell people using maprotiline hydrochloride to visit their prescriber to change to an alternative treatment. 

We know discontinuations and other stock issues can be disruptive to you and your patients. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this discontinuation. 

Key dates:

  • 1 September 2020: Maprotiline hydrochloride tablets not funded for new patients. 
  • End September 2020: Ludiomil 25 mg tablets expired (there will be no new stock)
  • End July 2021: Ludiomil 75 mg tablets expire (there will be no new stock)

We will delist maprotiline hydrochloride tablets from the Pharmaceutical Schedule once any remaining stock in New Zealand has been dispensed. There is no date currently set for this delisting. 

Who to contact

If you are a prescriber or pharmacist with questions about this supply issue, email

If you take maprotiline hydrochloride tablets (Ludiomil), your doctor, nurse or pharmacist are the best people to answer your questions. PHARMAC cannot give clinical advice to any individuals.

If you need to talk:

  • call or text 1737 any time (it’s free)
  • talk to a trained counsellor on the Depression helpline, 0800 111 757