Leuprorelin (Lucrin Depot 3-month) inj 11.25 mg: Supply issue resolved

The supplier of Lucrin injections advised that their latest shipment of the 3-month depot product (Pharmacode 2330156) has been released to wholesalers.

Affected product


  • Presentation: Inj 11.25 mg prefilled dual chamber syringe 
  • Brand: Lucrin Depot 3-month
  • Pharmacode: 2330156 

Note this product is partially funded, unless the patient is a child or adolescent who cannot tolerate goserelin. 

The inj 3.75 mg presentation is unaffected by this supply issue.

Schedule listing for leuprorelin(external link)

Resupplied late September 2022

Supplies of Lucrin Depot 3-month were released to wholesalers by 28 September 2022. It may take a while for the product to make its way through the supply chain to pharmacies.

Who to contact

For any enquiries about Lucrin, contact AbbVie Medical Information on 0800 900 030 or by email at medinfoanz@abbvie.com

If you have questions about the funding for this product, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

Please include as much information as you can about the product (presentation, brand, pharmacode) and who your wholesaler is.

About Pharmac's role in supply management