Laxsol (Docusate sodium with sennosides): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

We have been advised of a delay in re-supply of Laxsol (2069482).

Supply situation

The supplier has advised that small amounts of stock were released to wholesalers in the week beginning 27 June 2022. Further stock is expected to arrive in Aotearoa during the week starting 4 July 2022. Note: It will take time for this stock to move through supply chains to pharmacies.

COVID-19 supply chain update

Monthly dispensing

To help spread the available supply, Laxsol will be on monthly dispensing from 1 July 2022, rather than all-at-once (stat) dispensing. The Online Schedule is updated to reflect this.

Who to contact

We recommend pharmacies get in touch with their wholesalers about availability of Laxsol.