Laxsol (Docusate sodium with sennosides): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Supplies of Laxsol (2069482) are being released.

27 October 2022: Back orders are cleared and some stock remains in the supply chain. Further shipments are arriving.

Reason for the issue

There's been a shortage of the raw materials used to make Laxsol.

Supply situation

We are working with the supplier to understand when the product will be back to usual supply levels.

There are supply issues affecting other laxatives

Monthly dispensing

To help spread the available supply, Laxsol has been on monthly dispensing from 1 July 2022, rather than all-at-once (stat) dispensing. The Online Schedule(external link) is updated to reflect this.


While there is no specific alternatives available, we recommend people talk to their prescribers about what other funded options might be available. 

Who to contact

We recommend pharmacies get in touch with their wholesalers about availability of Laxsol.