Laxatives: Supply issues

Supply issue Active

There are supply issues affecting a number of laxatives.

2 February 2023 Update

Micolette registered product is back in stock. Supply issue is resolved.

Affected products

There are known supply issues with a number of laxatives, including Laxsol (docusate sodium with sennosides). This is having a knock on effect with other funded laxatives. We are working closely with all suppliers concerned to speed up freight to Aotearoa where possible.

Please order normally. This allows the available product to be distributed as fairly as possible.  

Dulcolax SP Drop Supply issue resolved

There was a brief out of stock of Dulcolax SP Drops. This issue is now resolved. 

Laxsol: Monitoring

The Laxsol supply issue was caused by a lack some of the raw materials used to make the product. 

Shipments are being released as they arrive. Backorders have been cleared. 

We're working closely with the supplier to understand when Laxsol supplies will return to normal. Both the supplier and Pharmac are aware of the critical nature of this product.

Medicine notice: Laxsol

Docusate sodium (Coloxyl) 50 mg tablets: Issue resolved

Supplies of both presentations of Coloxyl have returned to normal – 50 mg (252832) and 120 mg (252859). 

Konsyl-D and psyllium husk

A supply of Konsyl-D (pharmacode 2358727) is expected in February 2023. Another shipment of psyllium husk (the listed alternative - pharmacode 2628066) has arrived. The supplier is managing distribution.

Medicine notice: Konsyl-D

Senna (Senokot)

Due to high demand, driven by shortages of other products, senna is out of stock with the supplier. We are advised that the next shipment will arrive in New Zealand in early December 2022. It may take a few weeks for the stock to clear quality assurance and make its way through the supply chain to pharmacists.

Sodium citrate with sodium lauryl sulphoacetate (Micolette) enema: Resolved

Registered stock of Micolette is available again under pharmacode 2262673. The s29 listing will be removed in due course to allow time for the product to claimed.

This is a global issue

These supply challenges are not unique to Aotearoa or to healthcare – they are being felt across the world and across almost every sector. We know it can be tough, with everyone facing disruptions due to the supply chain. It’s especially difficult when it is unexpected.

We want to reassure New Zealanders that Pharmac is working as hard as possible to ensure everyone has access to the medicines and devices they need to support their health and wellbeing.