Lamotrigine: Short dated stock issue resolved

Due to manufacturing delays, stock of Arrow-Lamotrigine 25 and 50 mg are short-dated with an expiry of 31 May 2023.

18 May 2023 update

Arrow-Lamotrigine 25 mg and 50 mg dispersible tablets are available again. 

Pharmacists can return unsold short dated stock to Teva. Contact Teva(external link) directly to organise return of any expired stock.

Affected product

Arrow-Lamotrigine is an exceptional circumstances product.

  • Chemical: lamotrigine
  • Presentation: Tab dispersible 25 and 50 mg
  • Brand: Arrow-Lamotrigine
  • Supplier: Teva

The 100 mg presentation is unaffected by this issue.

Lamotrigine brand information 

Reason for issue

Teva advised that due to significant delays in manufacturing, there was a delay in the resupply of Arrow-Lamotrigine tab dispersible 25 and 50 mg .

Please be advised that there is sufficient supply of Arrow-Lamotrigine to meet demand, and an out-of-stock situation is not expected.

Resupplied mid-May 2023

We understand supplies were available for pharmacies from mid-May 2023.

Information for pharmacists

Pharmac encourages pharmacists to be mindful of this short-dated stock when dispensing to patients, and to consider where appropriate to restrict the amount of short-dated tablets dispensed to mitigate the risk of patients using expired product. 

Teva is offering a “sale or return” policy for this short-dated stock, please contact Teva directly to organise return of any expired stock.

Information for wholesalers

Teva has requested that wholesalers retain this short-dated stock until the next shipment of lamotrigine tabs arrives in the country. 

Who to contact

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact Teva Pharmaceuticals.(external link)