Konsyl-D (Ispaghula (psyllium) husk): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Viatris advise that there is a supply issue with Konsyl-d (pharmacode 2358727).

13 January Update

Resupply of Konsyl-D now in early February 2023.

About the Konsyl-D supply issue

The issue with Konsyl-D has been caused by issues with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Viatris, the supplier, expects to be able to supply Konsyl-D again in early February 2023.

Macro Organic Psyllium Husk alternative

The supplier, Viatris, had reached an agreement with Countdown supermarkets for supply of Macro Organic Psyllium Husk as an alternative.  

Macro Organic Psyllium Husk | 2628066 |  $6.00 per 250 g OP

Check the Schedule listing(external link)

Psyllium husk supplies low

A shipment of the Macro Organic brand has arrived with the supplier. It will take some time for the product to reach pharmacies. The supplier is working with manufacturer to secure the next shipment of this product. 

This supply issue was caused by the Brisbane floods and an inability to source the raw materials for the product. 

About Macro Organic Psyllium Husk

Macro Organic Psyllium Husk is a food product, unlike Konsyl-D which is a registered medicine. It contains 100% psyllium husks (which is another name for ispaghula husk).

We recommend people check the packaging for instructions on how much psyllium husk to use. Check with a pharmacist or other trusted health professional if you have any questions.

Listing other alternatives

Pharmac has looked at other options as alternatives, However we have been unable to find a suitable option that can fulfil the demand for psyllium husk-based products. 

Who to contact

There are supply issues affecting a number of laxative products 

If you have any questions about funding for psyllium husk, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz