KetoSens test strips: Recall

Recall Active

Pharmaco, in consultation with Medsafe, is initiating a recall of one batch of KetoSens Test Strips (Batch #UJ03PBXNG).

Back of a packet of ketosens test strips. A red box is around the lower quarter of the box shows where the lot/batch number and expiry date are..

Reason for recall

It has been determined that one batch of KetoSens test strips have been giving false readings. They may give blood ketone results higher than the actual ketone levels.

Affected product

Only one batch of KetoSens test strips (Pharmacode 2535432) is affected by the recall. Check the back of the pack for the batch number, UJO3PBXNG, and expiry date, July 2023.

This recall does not affect any other batches of KetoSens Test Strips.

Medsafe recall data information(external link)

Pharmaco website(external link)


Pharmaco has ample stock of unaffected batches to provide replacement stock. To access replacement stock, talk to your wholesaler or contact Pharmaco on 0800 804 079 or email

People who use KetoSens test strips 

You can return any unused strips to your pharmacy, which would arrange replacements. Or you can contact the supplier, Pharmaco, to arrange collection and product replacement.

You can contact Pharmaco on 0800 804 079 or email