Insulin pumps and consumables

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Two funded brands of pumps

 PHARMAC funds these two insulin pumps for people who meet the funding criteria:

Note: PHARMAC currently only funds one pump per person every 4 years.

2018 insulin pump changes

In 2018 PHARMAC funded 2 new brands of insulin pumps. We expect most people had moved to one of the new funded pumps by 1 October 2019. 

Still have a funded Paradigm 552 or 722 insulin pump?

When the warranty expires on your Paradigm pump, you’ll be able to choose between the 2 currently funded pumps.

Was your funded Animas Vibe replaced by a Tandem t:slim X2?

When the warranty expires on your new Tandem t:slim X2, you'll be able to choose a new Tandem t:slim X2 or a Minimed 640G. 

Due to contractual reasons, your new Tandem inherited the warranty date from your original Animas Vibe. This means it might not be 4 years old when it needs to be replaced. 

Who’s eligible for a funded insulin pump?

A specialist or nurse practitioner must apply for approval to prescribe a funded insulin pump. There are a range of funding criteria people need to meet. The criteria are listed in the Special Authority form. Your health care professional will know best if you meet the criteria for a funded insulin pump. 

Insulin pump consumables

If someone is eligible for a funded insulin pump, they are also eligible for funded consumables. PHARMAC funds up to 13 sets of consumables each year (one set every 4 weeks).

If there are exceptional clinical circumstances that mean a patient requires more than 13 sets, a prescriber can request a Special Authority waiver.

Who to contact

If you have any questions about funding for insulin pumps: