Inhaled iloprost: Clarification

Any brand of nebuliser that has been used with the previously funded brand of inhaled iloprost (Ventavis) can be used with the newly listed brand of inhaled iloprost (Vebulis).

Medsafe datasheet

The Vebulis Medsafe datasheet(external link) specified the Halolite branded nebuliser because this was the machine used to test the nebulising quality of the solution.

It is not intended to suggest that the Halolite nebuliser is the only nebuliser to use with Vebulis. 

Any Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) nebuliser can be used

Medsafe have approved Vebulis as an equivalent to previously funded brand of inhaled iloprost. Vebulis and Ventavis have the same MMAD range requirements for the nebuliser being used.

This means people can use any nebulisers that were suitable to use with the original product, Ventavis.

There is no need to change nebuliser for the new brand of iloprost. 

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