Hydroxocobalamin inj 1 mg per ml (Neo-B12): Supply issue resolved

We are advised that Neo-B12 is resupplied. Contact your wholesaler about the availability of the stock.

There was a supply interruption between mid-October 2020 and late April 2021 of Pfizer's Neo-B12 injection (p/code 2245590).

Pfizer worked with PHARMAC to ensure people could continue to access the medicine they needed. 

Alternative product

Pfizer sourced an alternative brand through Boucher & Muir NZ to ensure continuity of supply for patients. This product was available from 1 November and is registered.

  • Brand name: Vita-B12
  • Presentation:  Inj 1 mg per ml, 1 ml ampoule 
  • Pharmacode: 2603055
  • Price/UOM: $1.89/3

Who to contact

Orders can be obtained through Boucher & Muir NZ Customer service and Sales Information:

For Boucher & Muir NZ Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance:

You can also contract Pfizer on their customer service line 0800 736 363 if you have issues getting stock through Boucher & Muir.