Gentamicin sulphate inj 10 mg per ml, 1 ml and 2 ml ampoule: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Pharmac is advised that there is a supply issue with both the DBL Gentamicin and Teligent brands of gentamicin sulphate.

About the issue

DBL Gentamicin has been a long standing supply issue. The Teligent supply issue is new.

Check the Schedule listing(external link)

Pharmac listed an alternative from 1 September:

  • 10 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoule
  • Wockhardt brand 
  • Pharmacode 2619369

Stock is due to arrive mid September.

There is plenty of the Pfizer brand of gentamicin inj 40 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoule available.

Note the product will not appear in the Pharmac Online Schedule until October 2021, however it is funded from 1 September. 

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Who to contact

You can email Pharmac on