Gaviscon Infant Sachet 30s: Supply issue resolved

The supplier has advised that there is an issue with Gaviscon Infant Sachet 30s (Pharmacode: 494275).

27 October 2022: We are advised backorders are filled. 

Affected product

The supplier is out of stock of Gaviscon Infant (Pharmacode: 494275).

Schedule listing for Gaviscon Infant(external link)

Resupply arrived mid-October

The supplier, Reckitt and Benckiser, has advised us a shipment of Gaviscon Infant Sachets arrived in New Zealand.

We are in regular communication with the wholesalers to ensure stock holdings are sufficient. We are advised that all back orders have been filled.

We are continuing to watch supply levels for this product. The next significant shipment is due February 2023.

Who to contact

We recommend pharmacies contact their wholesalers to see when they can expect replenishment.