Fortisip powder 857g (vanilla): Discontinuation

Nutricia discontinued their brand of oral feed powder (Fortisip) from 31 January 2021.

All people currently using Fortisip powder will need to see their prescriber to change to another product.

Fortisip was delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule on 1 August 2021.

There are alternative products on the Pharmaceutical Schedule. The fully funded option is Ensure powder, which is available in chocolate and vanilla.

Information for people taking Fortisip powder

The supplier, Nutricia, stopped supplying Fortisip powder at the end of January 2021.

You will need to change to another product. Please talk with your doctor, dietitian or pharmacist about the best alternative for you.

Important note: the correct way to make up oral feed powders can differ between brands. Make sure to follow instructions carefully.

We understand that changing products is not easy, and we apologise for this situation.

Contact your prescriber or pharmacist if you have any questions. 

Key dates

  • 31 January 2021: Fortisip powder (Pharmacode 2526638) discontinued
  • 1 August 2021: Fortisip powder delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule

Information for prescribers

Do not start any new patients on Fortisip powder.

Support your patients currently taking Fortisip powder to change to an alternative treatment as soon as possible.

There are alternative products listed on the Pharmaceutical Schedule.  

Ensure powder is fully funded and available in two flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Please note, the correct way to make up an oral feed powder can differ between brands.

Information for pharmacists

Fortisip Powder (Pharmacode 2526638):

  • was discontinued by the manufacturer from 31 January 2021
  • was delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 August 2021. 

We have asked prescribers to change patients to an alternative product.  

Please let your patients know that the correct way to make up an oral feed powder can differ between brands. They need to make sure they know how to make up their prescribed oral feed.  

Who to contact

For further questions on the discontinuation of Fortisip powder, contact Nutricia

If you have questions about funding for this or other products, email