Ethinyloestradiol 20 mcg with desogestrel 150 mcg and 7 inert tablets (Mercilon 28)

Mercilon 28 is now fully funded.

Full funding for Mercilon 28 

Mercilon 28 will be fully-funded from 1 April 2021. We estimate that approximately 900 people will benefit in the first year increasing to up to 1,300 people after five years.  

23 November 2020 update

Previously, Mercilon 28 was only partially funded for most patients. It was only fully funded as a second line treatment for low income patients.

PHARMAC’s expert clinical advisors have told us that Mercilon 28 may be a suitable alternative for patients:

  • who cannot tolerate combined oral contraceptives containing ethinyloestradiol with levonorgestrel (Microgynon 20 ED and Levlen ED), or
  • where a progesterone only pill or long acting reversible contraceptive is unsuitable.