Ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg: Discontinuation

New Zealand Medical and Scientific (NZMS) has notified that it will discontinue the supply of ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg (pharmacode 264318).

20 July 2022: Stock depletion date updated.

Affected product 


  • Presentation: Tab 10 mcg
  • Brand: NZ Medical and Scientific 
  • Pharmacode: 264318
  • Price: $17.60
  • Pack size: per 100

Schedule listing for ethinyloestradiol(external link)

NZ Formulary listing for ethinyloestradiol(external link)

Key dates:

1 March 2022: funded access limited to people who were taking ethinyloestradiol prior to 1 March 2022.

Early August 2022: Existing stock of ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg is expected to be exhausted. 

1 February 2023: Ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg no longer funded.

No new patients for ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg

We want to ensure supply of ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg for existing patients for as long as possible. This will provide people with time to discuss alternative treatments with their prescriber. As such, from 1 March 2022, we have restricted dispensing to people who were using ethinyloestradiol tab before 1 March 2022.

Pharmacists can endorse the script where they have a record of a previous dispensing of ethinyloestradiol. 

Removal of stat dispensing from 1 March 2022

We removed stat (all-at-once) dispensing for ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg (NZ Medical and Scientific) from 1 March 2022 to help ensure that existing stock can last for a longer period of time.  

Alternatives to ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg

There are a number of fully funded oestrogen treatment options available. Where appropriate, we encourage prescribers to discuss alternative options with their patients.

Who to contact

If you take ethinyloestradiol tab 10 mcg, please talk to your pharmacist, doctor or the person who prescribed your ethinyloestradiol. They are best placed to discuss your individual clinical circumstances.

If you have a question about funding for ethinyloestradiol or alternative agents, email