Enteral and Oral feeds (Abbott): Supply issue resolved

We understand there may be short term supply issues across the range of enteral and oral feed products at different times. Global supply chain issues are contributing to this uncertainty. We appreciate your patience.

21 September 2021

We are advised that supply issues for Abbott oral and enteral feeds are now resolved. 

Cause of the supply issue

The shortages of special food products are caused by continued global pressures with sea freight from COVID-19 adding extra pressure to the supply chain. 

Information for health care professionals

There are funded alternatives for most products. However, they may have slightly different macronutrient profiles or administration requirements. 

Patients will need new prescriptions to access funding for the alternatives.

Information for people who use enteral and oral feeds 

Due to supply problems, you may need to briefly change to another product.

Talk with your doctor, dietitian or pharmacist about the best alternative for you.

We understand that changing products is not easy, we apologise for this situation.

Contact your prescriber or pharmacist if you have any questions. 

Who to contact

If you have questions about this stock issue, talk to your Abbott representative or contact Abbott Customer Service on 0800 737 115