Diltiazem (Dilzem): Discontinuation

Douglas is discontinuing the Dilzem brand of diltiazem hydrochloride tablets in both 30 mg and 60 mg presentations.

Douglas’ Dilzem is the only brand of immediate release diltiazem currently registered with Medsafe. Once current supply of the 30 mg and 60 mg strengths of Dilzem runs out, we will delist Dilzem brand from the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

The 30mg and 60mg presentations will remain on the HML as 'any brand'. It will be delisted from the community schedule. 

There are some brand changes for long-acting diltiazem (Apo-Diltiazem)

Current supply situation 

Dilzem 30 mg

Stock has run out. We delisted this presentation on 1 June 2021.

Dilzem 60 mg

Stock is expected to run out in about July 2021. We will delist this presentation from 1 January 2022.

Information for people who take Dilzem 

You will need to talk to your health care professional about switching to an alternative treatment. 

Information for pharmacists

If you are given a prescription for diltiazem hydrochloride tab 30 mg or 60 mg, you will not be able to substitute it with the long-acting capsules.

You will need to check with the prescriber and/or the patient will need to return to their prescriber for a new prescription.

Information for prescribers

You will need to:

  • ensure no new patients start on immediate-release diltiazem hydrochloride tablets (30 mg or 60 mg)
  • move patients currently taking diltiazem hydrochloride 30 mg or 60 mg (Dilzem) tablets to an alternative treatment. 

Alternative medicines 

The clinical advice we received states that the long-acting form of diltiazem would be a suitable alternative for most people. 

You may want to consider an alternative calcium channel blocker to change your patients to.

Browse funded calcium channel blockers in the Schedule(external link)

Who to contact

If you take Dilzem and have questions about the best treatment for you, talk to your prescriber. They know you and your clinical circumstances best. Pharmac cannot give individual clinical advice.