Diazoxide (Proglycem) Oral liq 50 mg per ml: Supply issue resolved

Supplies of diazoxide oral liquid were constrained.

Affected product

After being alerted by a pharmacist, Pharmac was able to confirm with Link Pharmaceuticals that there was a supply issue with diazoxide (Proglycem) Oral liq 50 mg per ml (pharmacode 2457849).

Alternative product listed

Stock from Australia was secured and is currently being supplied. Pharmac listed the alternative brand (e5 Pharma Diazoxide) from 1 June 2022 (pharmacode 2635674). 

Link have secured a year's supply of this product. We may de-list the previous brand (Proglycem/2457849) if manufacturing does not resume.

e5 Pharma Diazoxide is not approved by Medsafe, neither is Proglycem. As such the rules around prescribing and dispensing a section 29 medicine need to be followed.

Prescriber and pharmacist requirements for section 29 medicines – Medsafe website(external link)

What patients need to know about section 29 medicines – Health Navigator website(external link) 

Who to contact

If pharmacies have difficulty accessing the product, contact Link Pharmaceuticals at customerservice@linkhealthcare.co.nz