Danazol 100 mg and 200 mg caps: Discontinuation

Mylan have discontinued their brand of danazol. Danazol was delisted from the Schedule on 1 April 2021.

Mylan discontinued this product because of global supply constraints and viability of this product. 

Alternative treatments

Danazol is used to treat a range of conditions, including hereditary and acquired angioedema. PHARMAC received clinical advice that stanozolol may be a suitable alternative for angioedema. This product is not funded on the Schedule. 

Prescribers will need to apply for a Named Patient Pharmaceutical Assessment (NPPA) for patients to access funded stanozolol. If you have a patient with hereditary or acquired angioedema who has previously been prescribed danazol, contact NPPA@pharmac.govt.nz

We ask that prescribers:

  • do not start any new patients on danazol
  • transition any patients currently prescribed danazol to an alternative treatment.

PHARMAC continues to explore options for alternative treatments.

Who to contact

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