A COVID-19 supply chain update

14 September 2022

Supply chain delays have eased in recent weeks. We continue to experience higher than usual supply issues but they seem to be reducing. 

Supply chain delays

We know that the supply and logistics chain is currently under some pressure due to COVID-19 impacting staff and changing demand patterns. This includes many parts of the supply chain, such as logistics providers, freight and couriers, local wholesalers and interisland connections.

We appreciate the work being done under challenging circumstances to keep our supply chains working, enabling people to receive their medicines in a timely manner. Priority is being given to the distribution of medicines and medical supplies around New Zealand.

For most medicines, the supply of stock into New Zealand is fine, but there may be delays to the deliveries of medicines to pharmacy and patients. 

We know that delays can create issues. We ask for patience and kindness for everyone in the supply chain. It's a challenging time for everyone. 

What Pharmac is doing

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked closely with suppliers, logistics providers and wholesalers to minimise the impact of supply issues on New Zealanders. We continue to actively do this.

We continue to monitor and take appropriate actions to manage any supply issues as they arise. For information on specific medications please refer to our Medicine Notices page.  

We ask that people continue to have their medications dispensed as normal and not stockpile. Throughout New Zealand’s response to COVID-19, people have still been able to access the medicines they need.

Who to contact

Pharmacists should talk to their wholesaler or supplier if they have any supply questions.