Ciclopirox: Discontinuation

Ciclopirox, an antifungal medicated nail solution, is discontinued (pharmacode 2401797).

Why are we doing this?

Ciclopirox was supplied by Apotex. Apotex has left the New Zealand market. We have been unable to find an alternative supplier for ciclopirox. We are still looking for a long-term supplier of ciclopirox. 

Alternative product

We have received clinical advice that amorolfine nail solution 5% (MycoNail) is a suitable funded alternative for most people (pharmacode 2461633).

Amorolfine is fully funded without restriction. 

Schedule listing for amorolfine(external link)

Amorolfine in the NZ Formulary(external link)

Key dates

End November 2021: Stock of Apo-Ciclopirox is expected to run out.

1 May 2022: Apo-Ciclopirox was delisted.

Who to contact

If you are using ciclopirox, talk to your pharmacist or the person who prescribed the ciclopirox. They are in the best place to advise on your clinical circumstances. 

Read more about Pharmac's response to Apotex

If you have funding questions about ciclopirox, email