Chlorpromazine hydrochloride 10mg tablets (Largactil): Discontinuation

Discontinuation Access change Active

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals are discontinuing chlorpromazine hydrochloride 10mg tablets (pharmacode 264539). We limited access to existing patients only from 1 August 2023.

Updated 26 July 2023

We are restricting Largactil 10 mg tablets to existing patients only from 1 August 2023. 

Reason for this discontinuation

Due to the relatively low use and high cost of manufacturing compliance, Sanofi advise that it is no longer sustainable to continue manufacturing and supply.

We added a "no new patients" restriction to the 10 mg Largactil tablets from 1 August 2023. We want to support people to move away from using Largactil 10mg tablets. Our first step is to stop new people starting on the tablets.

People currently taking Largactil 10mg tablets need to move to a different treatment.  

Key dates

1 August 2023 - No new patients restriction added

September 2023 - Current stocks of Largactil 10mg tablets expected to have run out. 

1 April 2024 - We will delist this product from the Schedule.

Alternative products

Chlorpromazine is used in the treatment of schizophrenia, other psychoses and for nausea and vomiting in palliative care.

Chlorpromazine 25mg, 100mg tablets, and 25mg per ml injections continue to be funded and available.

There are multiple antipsychotic agents available.

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There are multiple antinausea agents available.

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Who to contact

If you use chlorpromazine 10mg tablets, talk to your doctor about the best alternative medicine or dose for you. Pharmac cannot comment on any individual's clinical circumstances, so we cannot advise you on what is clinically appropriate.

If you have questions relating to funding for Largactil 10mg tablets, email

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