Celiprolol (Celol): Discontinued

Mylan has informed PHARMAC of the discontinuation of Celol tab 200 mg (Pharmacode 2031337).

Mylan’s Celol is the only brand of celiprolol that is currently registered with Medsafe. This means that celiprolol is expected to be delisted from the Pharmaceutical Schedule once current supply runs out. Celol was delisted on 1 April 2021. This allowed time for stock in the supply chain to be dispensed and claimed before delisting.

Patients taking celiprolol will need to talk to their health care professional about switching to alternative treatments.

Alternative medicines

Celiprolol is a beta adrenoceptor blocker. We recognise that changing patient’s medicines can be difficult and apologise for the inconvenience.

Beta-adrenoceptor blockers on NZ Formulary(external link)