Capecitabine: Brand change

Capecitabine is an oral chemotherapy medication used to treat many cancers including breast, colorectal, stomach, and oesophageal.

What's changing?

From 1 August 2023 the brand of capecitabine tablets 150mg and 500mg will change.  

The current brand Capercit (150 mg) and Capecitabine-DRLA (500 mg), supplied by Dr Reddy’s, will change to Capecitabine Viatris, supplied by Viatris.

  • The external packing will look slightly different
  • The Capecitabine Viatris brand contains some different inactive ingredients

Capecitabine Viatris tablets work the same as the Capercit brand

  • Capecitabine Viatris has the same active ingredient as the Capercit brand and is delivered in the body the same way.  This means it will have the same effect as other brands.
  • Capecitabine Viatris has been thoroughly evaluated by Medsafe to ensure it works the same as other brands.
  • Capecitabine Viatris tablets look the same as the Capercit brand.
  • The tablets will still come in the same pack sizes.
    • 150mg: 10 tablets per blister pack, 60 tablets per box
    • 500mg: 10 tablets per blister pack, 120 tablets per box

Capecitabine is a generic version of the Capercit brand. Generic medicines must meet the same standards of safety, quality and efficacy as the original brand.

About generics

Generic medicines – Healthify(external link)

Your brand is changing to help us fund other medicines

A decision to change a medicine is not taken lightly. Our job is to make sure New Zealanders have access to the medicines they need. Making changes to medicines helps us achieve that by freeing up our limited budget to fund other medicines in the community. 

Key dates

  • 1 August 2023: ‘Capecitabine Viatris’ brand is fully funded and listed on the Schedule
    • 150mg pharmacode 2634929
    • 500mg pharmacode 2634937
  • 1 January 2024: The ‘Capercit’ brand will be delisted from the Schedule and no longer funded
    • 150mg pharmacode 2578115
    • 500mg pharmacode 2578123 

Schedule listing for capecitabine(external link)

Who to contact

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, talk with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

You can also get more information from us at or 0800 660 050