Calcium folinate solution for injection: Supply issue resolved

Sandoz, the supplier has advised that there are supply constraints for this medicine.

20 June 2023

Stock of Sandoz brand calcium folinate is now available in all presentations.

Affected products

We are advised that: 

5 ml vial (pharmacode 2539195/2611368):

  • Sandoz brand: Available 
  • The supplier has secured a section 29 alternative (Eurofolic | Pharmacode: 2655993) 

10 ml vial (pharmacode 2539209):

  • Sandoz brand: Available  
  • The supplier has secured a section 29 alternative (Eurofolic | pharmacode 2655985) 

35 ml vial (pharmacode 2539217/2611341): 

  • Sandoz brand: Available  
  • For the larger vial size, Pharmac has secured stock of Inj 300 mg (Leucovorin DBL | Pharmacode 2034298). This section 29 brand is funded. 

100 ml vial (pharmacode 2539225):

  • Sandoz brand is available

Check the Schedule listing for calcium folinate(external link)

Resupplied 20 June 2023

Sandoz advised that they were resupplied with the registered product on 20 June 2023. The supplier's stock is replenished. It may take time for this product to make its way through the supply chain to pharmacies.

Alternative products

The alternative products will be delisted in due course. Once there has been time to submit claims for the alternative brands.

Calcium folinate listing in the Pharmaceutical Schedule(external link)

Who to contact

If you are treated with calcium folinate, talk to your pharmacist or prescriber. They know you best. Pharmac cannot give clinical advice on any individual person.

If you have questions about funding for these products, email us on