Calcium carbonate Tab eff 1.25 g (500 mg elemental): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Cacit brand effervescent tablets (p/code 2601036) is out of stock.

Alternative product

Calcium-Sandoz Forte brand tab eff 1.25 g (500 mg elemental) is listed as an alternative from 1 September 2021 (p/code 2617447).

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Note that this medicine needs to be supplied under section 29 of the Medicines Act. The other listed brand, Calcit, is also a section 29 medicine.

Resupply date

Link Pharmaceuticals (the supplier) does not yet have a resupply date for Calcit brand.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the supply of this product, contact Link Pharmaceuticals:

If you have a question about funding, email