Buprenorphine with naloxone sublingual tab 2 mg with naloxone 0.5 mg: Supply issue resolved

Buprenorphine with naloxone (pharmacode 2574004 - sublingual tab 2 mg with naloxone 0.5 mg) is back in stock.

Reason for supply issue

There was a delay in the sea shipment. This supply issue only affected the 2 mg with naloxone 0.5 mg presentation.  

Who to contact

If you have any issues with supply, talk to your wholesaler or contact Boucher and Muir on domesticorders@advanzpharma.com

If you take buprenorphine with naloxone, talk to your pharmacist about how to ensure you get your medicine. 

If you have a question about funding for this product, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz