Ethinyloestradiol 35 mcg with norethisterone 1 mg (Brevinor 1/28): Supply issue resolved

Pfizer, the supplier, has advised PHARMAC that the combined oral contraceptive Brevinor 1/28 has run out.

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Looking for information about Brevinor 28?

Brevinor 28 is a different oral contraceptive from Brevinor 1/28. It has a lower progestogen strength. Brevinor 28 is an alternative to Norimin.

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Brevinor 1/28 back in New Zealand

The supplier is replenishing stock of Brevinor 1/28 with wholesalers. 

The supplier wasn't able to find a chemical equivalent replacement for Brevinor 1/28. As such, people taking it were moved to a different contraceptive. Anyone moving back to Brevinor 1/28 will need to follow the 7-day rule. 

Who to contact

If you have questions about this out of stock, contact Pfizer on 0800 736 363.

Comprehensive clinical information for prescribers on contraception is available via Bpac.

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