Resource Beneprotein (protein supplement): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Due to shipping issues, Nestlé – the supplier – advises that Resource Beneprotein is out of stock.

Resupply date updated to mid-February on 20 January 2021

Affected product

Resource Beneprotein

  • pharmacode: 2264471
  • Supplied by Nestlé

Schedule listing for protein supplements(external link)

Alternative product

We are advised that Nutricia's Protifar (pharmacode 279269) is a suitable alternative. There is stock available of Protifar.

There are supply issues with a range of Nutricia products, but Protifar is unaffected. 

Read more about the Nutricia supply issues 

Expected resupply

We understand that stock replenishment is expected mid February 2022. Stock of Nutricia’s Protifar brand is available for supply and can be used as an alternative.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the funding for Beneprotein or Protifar, email