Atomoxetine 10 mg and 40 mg: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals advise that there may be supply issues with atomoxetine caps 10 mg and 40 mg presentations.

Alternative version listed 1 April 2021

We are listing an Eli Lilly product on the Schedule to ensure atomoxetine remains available. The alternative product is Medsafe-approved.

Affected product

  • Cap 10 mg | Pharmacode 2566826 | $18.41 per 28
  • Cap 40 mg | Pharmacode 2566826 | $29.22 per 28

Listed alternative product

  • Cap 10 mg | Pharmacode 2181568 | Brand: Strattera  
  • Cap 40 mg | Pharmacode 2181592 | Brand: Strattera 

Who to contact

If you take atomoxetine, talk to your pharmacist or prescriber. They know you best. PHARMAC cannot give clinical advice on any individual person.

If you have questions about supply, contact Arrotex or your wholesaler.

If you have questions about funding for atomoxetine, email us on