Aqueous cream: Supply issue

Brand change Supply issue Active

The supplier, ADE Health, has advised that its brand of aqueous cream 500g tub has been out of stock since January 2021.

The out of stock is caused by delays in shipping. 

We are working with the supplier to get more aqueous cream. 

Aqueous cream availability summary

  • Medco (pharmacode 2607735) – stock available late March 2021 and listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 April 2021.
  • Boucher (pharmacode 2555115) – expected back in stock April 2021
  • Basic AquaCream (pharmacode 2604655) – no longer coming
  • Topiderm (pharmacode 2604108) – stock depleted

Alternative funded products

We have received advice that patients could use alternative funded emollients, including cetomacrogol, in place of aqueous cream. An alternative funded emollient would require a new prescription.

Patients can talk to their prescriber about alternative funded emollients.

Who to contact

If you have questions about aqueous cream supplies, contact your wholesaler or the supplier. 

You can contact ADE Health on: