Aptamil: Allerpro 1, Allerpro 2, Pepti-Junior

These products remain funded under Special Authority SA1557.

New listings, same availability

In August 2022, Pharmac listed Allerpro 1, Allerpro 2, Pepti-Junior without the Aptamil brand name. This was done to align the listing with the way these products are marketed. To achieve this, we listed new Pharmacodes for the products. 

  • Allerpro Syneo 1 | Pharmacode 2641283 (previous Pharmacode 2577410)
  • Allerpro Syneo 2 | Pharmacode 2641291 (previous Pharmacode 2577429)
  • Pepti-Junior | Pharmacode 2641305 (previous Pharmacode 2492997)

The Special Authority criteria remain the same.

Schedule listing for Allerpro 1, Allerpro 2, Pepti Junior(external link)

Change made to add clarity

We made this change after we received feedback about an issue. It was noted that using the Aptamil brand name in hospital settings was creating additional work for healthcare professionals, including nursing staff, and creating confusion at pharmacy level due to the similarity in brand names. 

Who to contact

If you have any questions about this change, email enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz