Amiloride oral liquid: Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Amiloride oral liquid (p/code 344710) will be out of stock until at least the end of September 2021.

Reason for supply issue

The supplier has advised us that there has been a delay to the delivery of raw materials used to make amiloride oral liquid. Once the existing supply of amiloride oral liquid has been exhausted, there will be no stock available until at least the end of September 2021. 

Alternative products

Patients may be able to move to an alternative funded treatment. This should be done under the supervision (or on the advice) of a relevant specialist. 

All funded potassium sparing diuretics in the Online Schedule(external link)

We know changing medicines can be inconvenient. We appreciate your patience.

Who to contact 

If you have questions about the supply of amiloride, contact your wholesaler or the supplier. 

If you have questions about moving patients to an alternative treatment, contact a relevant specialist first.

If you have funding questions, email