Extensively hydrolysed formula (Aptamil AllerPro SYNEO 1 & 2): Supply issue

Supply issue Active

Nutricia, the supplier, advises that there is likely to be an out of stock on Aptamil AllerPro SYNEO 1 & 2 (p/codes 2577410 and 2577429).

Timeframe for supply issue

We understand that there are small amounts of the product in the supply chain. We anticipate this will run out by the end of August. 

The next shipment is due to arrive by late September. We are working with Nutricia on options to help bridge the gap.

Alternative product

We have received clinical advices that Aptamil Gold+ Pepti Junior (p/code: 2492997) is a suitable alternative. We know that changing formula may not be ideal. We apologise for any inconvenience.

A new Special Authority is not required. However, you may need a new prescription. 

We are working closely with the supplier to make sure there is enough product available to bridge the supply gap.

Extensively hydrolysed formula in the Schedule(external link)

BPAC advice: Managing cows’ milk protein allergy in infants [PDF](external link)

Who to contact

If you have questions about funding, contact enquiry@pharmac.govt.nz

If you have resupply questions, contact Nutricia or your wholesaler.