Adapalene (Differin) crm 0.1%: Discontinuation

Galderma have discontinued the cream presentation of their adapalene brand Differin (pharmacode 386731).

About this discontinuation

Galderma made the decision to discontinue this product globally in 2020. Pharmac has maintained the listing of Differin cream to allow the remaining stock on hand to sell through the supply chain.

Pharmac may consider other brands of adapalene cream in future funding proposals. 

Affected product 

Adapalene (Differin) crm 0.1% - Pharmacode: 386731

Schedule listing for adapalene(external link)

Alternative product

Galderma is maintaining supply of their gel presentation of Differin (Pharmacode: 456160). Galderma has advised that the gel works just as effectively as the cream and can be used for the same indications. 

Medsafe datasheet for the gel [PDF](external link)

Consumer medicine information for the gel [PDF](external link)

Key dates

1 June 2023 – Adapalene (Differin) cream 0.1% will be de-listed from the Pharmaceutical Schedule. 

Who to contact

If you have any queries regarding the funding of adapalene cream, email

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