Adalimumab: Amgevita the principal brand

Brand change Active

From 1 March 2022, Amgevita will be the main funded brand of adalimumab. Most people taking adalimumab will be moved from the Humira brand to Amgevita.

Benefits of moving to Amgevita

More people will be able to access Amgevita and existing patients will be able to access higher doses of treatment, if they move to Amgevita.

Amgevita is a citrate-free version of adalimumab. This means some people using this medicine may find it less painful to use.

Moving from Humira to Amgevita will free up a significant amount of Pharmac's fixed budget which will be used to fund other medicines.

This is the Pharmac model in action. Competing markets, forecasting and moving to a biosimilar medicine stretches New Zealand’s medicine budget further and means we can fund more medicines for more New Zealanders.