Accessing Special Authority (SA) forms

With the launch of our new website the fastest way to access SA forms has changed

The best way to access SA forms is from the Schedule. Links to SA forms break when we update the form. 

You can access the Schedule direct from our new search flyout. 

  1. select "search" in the top right of the website's banner
  2. click "Community Schedule" from the tabs
  3. enter your search term (it can be a brand name or chemical name)
  4. hit the "search" button.

You'll be taken straight to the Schedule and you can download the form there.

The search window is open with the "community schedule" selected and Neocate entered in the search box..

Searching on SA numbers

We know that you search on SA numbers a lot. Unfortunately the current systems do not resolve any results searching that way. 

We are looking into ways to achieve this. Thanks for your patience. 

Who to contact

Drop us a line if you have any other questions about using the new site. We are wanting to continue to improve your experience so all feedback is welcome.