Gaucher panel

Taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso, supplied by Pfizer) is funded to treat Gaucher disease.

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Accessing funded taliglucerase alfa

The prescriber needs to download the the Special Authority form from the Schedule. 

The prescriber then faxes the completed form to the Gaucher Panel for consideration. Do not use the standard Special Authority application process.  

Contact the Panel

Gaucher Panel Co-ordinator
P O Box 10-254

Phone 04 460 4990

Fax 04 460 4995


Gaucher Panel members

  • Dr Ian Hosford – Chair, Consultant Psychogeriatrician
  • Dr Colin Chong – Radiologist
  • Dr Timothy Hawkins – Haematologist
  • Dr Callum Wilson – Metabolic Consultant

About Gaucher disease

Gaucher disease, a rare, inherited enzyme deficiency disorder which causes increased quantities of fats (lipids) to build up in the body, leading to a wide variety of symptoms.

There are about 20 New Zealanders affected by this disease.