Submission form for consultation on paediatric cancer treatments in New Zealand

Feedback on Rule 8.1b of the Pharmaceutical Schedule

Te Pātaka Whaioranga – Pharmac is exploring whether special measures are needed to access paediatric cancer treatments that aren’t on the Pharmaceutical Schedule and, if so, whether the current approach (rule 8.1b) is appropriate. To do this we need to better understand the difference that rule 8.1b is making to the lives of children with cancer, their family and whānau, and the people who are working hard to support them.

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In addition to standard background information, we have provided focus questions to help shape your feedback. You don’t need to respond to all the questions – only the ones you want to. The final question is open for you to add anything that hasn’t been covered by the earlier questions.

Consultation closes at 9am, 27 March 2023.

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Background information
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Which of these ethnic groups do you strongly identify with? (Tick as many boxes as appropriate.)

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We will only use your information to inform our review of rule 8.1. Feedback we receive is, however, subject to the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). Please be aware that we may need to share your feedback, including your identity, in response to an OIA request. 

If you want any part of your feedback treated as confidential, you need to tell us which information and why. For example, would you like us to withhold your identity or a particular part of your submission because it is personal, confidential, commercially sensitive, or proprietary? If your request meets the Official Information Act criteria we won’t be required to disclose it.

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How well do we understand child cancer and the system of care?
How effective is rule 8.1 in terms of achieving the best health outcomes?
Does the current policy support efficient and sustainable use of available resources?
Does the current policy support equity?
Other information or thoughts?